Sunday, 24 August 2014

Review: Body Shop 'Baked to Last' Blusher

I bought this product a few weeks ago from the Body Shop on a whim and it has become one of my go to blushers. It cost me £12 which I think is pretty reasonable for a high street blusher when being compared to my MAC mineralised blush which cost £20. This comes in two shades, I decided on shade 02, 'coral' which is slightly more warm toned than shade 01, 'petal' which actually looked quite similar to a blusher that i already have. This is described as a blush and highlighter duo but can be swirled together to make the perfect blush shade. I have on occasion used both shades separately and they do work well however the highlighter on it's own is slightly to warm toned for my liking and prefer to just swirl both shades together. 

I absolutely love the packaging for this blusher. As you can see from the photos it is a hard clear plastic so that you can see the blusher inside and is dome shaped at the top. This is my favourite type of packaging as it's just so simple.

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  1. ooh that's so pretty!

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